Efficient IP for MatMult

Hi how about some performance? In Chapter 4 the book first introduces a regular MatMult IP that has already been implemented in previous post and then discusses the performance improvements to it. Should be fun, let's dive right in.

Generalizing Sum Check protocol and counting the triangles

Welcome back. In the previous post we have taken a first look at the Sum Check protocol from The Book and implemented it for the case of multivariate::SparsePolynomial. In this post I am going to attempt to generalize the protocol to any polynomial and apply it to the Counting Triangles in Graphs problem.

Implementing Sum Check protocol in Rust

This post is going go into reading the Sum Check protocol from the book and discussing a naive implementation of the described protocol in Rust. Again as in previous post the main goal of the post is going to be so to speak "gluing" together the math text and the implementation in software.

Evaluating multilinear extensions with Rust

Hi there! This is a first post in a series where I am planning to take notes on Proofs, Arguments and Zero-Knowledge as I am reading it. I write code in Rust for a living so I am going to use this language to implement algorithms and protocols from the book.